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Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

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Wyatt spent the first week of the new year out in Arizona at the Barca Academy winter camp.  His mom decided to let him go solo so he flew out and back on his own as a test to see how he would handle it for future events.  Camp was fairly good, it differred up some from the summer one, they didn't have a keeper specific camp, but they did more break out sessions for the keepers during the regular sessions.  Wyatt really enjoiyed working with the other two older keepers who were there as well as the DA keeper coach.  They would also get mixed back in for the rest of the sessions to work with the field players on the skill or tactic they were going over for the particular time slot.  Wyatt was pretty happy with how he did at camp, and from what limited talking we got out of him the few times we called he seemed to be getting his confidence and excitement recharged more.  He said in his evaluations the feedback focused on several items that were being driven by his current coaching situation.  Two big ones were being able to make mistakes with out being worried about getting beatdown by the coach for them during the game and also trying to not be so quick on getting up and distributing the ball to the point where it wasn't beneficial to the team.  So additional confirmation of issues his other trainers have commented on as well.  Overall though he got really good reviews and feedback.  He felt it was very positive and that they sounded like they were considering asking him back to play for them next year.  So overall good start to the year.

This week its back to reality and team practices starting back up to get ready for their first spring game in two weeks.  Wyatt is hopeful that the recent palyer/parent face to face evaluations will help get some of the players back focused on the game.  He hasn't had his yet, but I know his mom is really interested in speaking with his coach.

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Back to training with his team.  The three weeks away combined with some goood feedback from other sources and Wyatt seems recharged and ready to finish out the season on a good foot.  Team training wise he had two regular practices and a scrimmage.  The coach has made some changes in how he is working with the players and the keepers in particular.  Since Wyatt does enough keeper work outside of the club, the coach has decided to keep him more involved with the team during footskills and passing work, only sending them off to the side to warm-up a little before scrimmaging or striking and finishing drills.  At both practices he commented that Wyatt seemed much more like his old self and was fairly happy with how he was handling the ball with his feet.  In the net, Wyatt has carried back in his energy and skills from the camps and last year.  He has been very active and aggressive in the goal, back to making more dynamic and technical saves then the previous few months.  Coach definitely took note of that and has been trying to be more positive.  He did start in on him about what looked like a foot save that he got beat on, but Wyatt told him that he had called keep and was going to collect it, when the reserve center back decided to head it in as an own-goal on Wyatt.  He made a stretch to get it, but couldn't switch direction fast enough with his hands.  On Saturday they scrimmaged in mixed team at first with some of the U14 players, then slowly just the U15s in two squads full field.  Wyatt definitely was ready to be back and playing.  He did a really good job of sweeping and his team used him well as an option for backpasses to releave pressure.  He was fery confident with the ball at his feet and did a good job of finding and hitting his targets.  On the saving side he was all over the place in the air and ground.  He had a mix of starters and reservs for his defense, but faced the starters on attack.  Did a good job of making them work hard.  He got beat twice in about 120 minutes of scrimmaging.  Once off a header from a ball he cleared that got popped back up and in to the box to an unmarked forward, and then on a free kick where he made a nice touch to push it into the bar, then made the rebound save, a second rebound save that hit him in the groin and knocked the wind out of him and left him unable to make the final save.  So he was in a pretty good mood when we met with the coach afterwards for his evaluation.  Turned out it really wasn't an evaluation, Coach handed a couple things to take and read about keeper development and the club keeper development goals.  Then they chatted a bit about how he was doing much better and the coach tried to get to why the lackluster performance in the first half of the season and suddenly back in the game after the break.  He did ask what he could do to help Wyatt as a coach.  Wyatt and his mom had a few suggestion, but the coach seemed to not really listen to them so we will see how that pans out as the year finished out.

Outside of team practices and the scrimmage, no keeper training this week either with the club or the private coach due to them having other club commitmants.  He did get in a couple hours with the skills trainer.  They worked on settling high balls, some conditioning, lots of work at moving at speed with the ball into various passing and shooting drills as well as recieving and passing at game speeds.  Then they worked on free kicks with Wyatt eventually setting up a dummy wall and dealing with free kicks from the other players and the coach. 

No training related we talked with the scout that looked at him before christmas and started working out some details.  At present he looks to be going to germany for a week in the spring to train with a couple clubs and get some benchmarks and development goals laid out.  That has him pretty excited, so hopefully he will stay pretty upbeat for awhile.

This coming weekend they have their first game of the second half of the season versus Lonestar SC.  Last tiem they played last season Wyatt's team had reversed the beating they received midway through the season.  Typically they are fairly evenly matched, with mistakes being taken advantage of that usually determine the winner.  Wyatt is hopeing that his renewed energy gets rid of any issues with teh coach and solidifies his starting spot again, so we will see.

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