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Samba Infiniti Giga Rolls

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Samba Infiniti Giga Pro Roll


Glove Make & Model : Samba Infiniti Giga Pro Roll


Cut :  Roll Finger


Latex : 3mm Giga


Internal Latex : No


Wrist Strap : Latex


Wrist Entry : Bandage


Glove Body :  Micromesh


Finger Protection : None


Price : £50 plus postage & packaging


Where from : http://www.great-save.com/goalkeeper-gloves/samba-goalkeeper-gloves/samba-infiniti-giga-pro-roll-goalkeeper-gloves.html

Description from the Great – Save Website

These Samba Goalkeeper Gloves have been specifically created for keepers who prefer a wider handed glove for comfort and ultimate feel.

The Samba INFINITI Giga Pro Roll Goalkeeping Gloves have fewer seams than conventional glove designs and is therefore less restrictive. This design allows the palm to wrap around the backside of the glove. With fewer seams there are less stress points on the glove.

The glove palm is a durable 3mm Giga latex finish which provides excellent grip. A German latex backhand featuring the stylish Samba INFINITI branding is supported by an elasticated wristband with build-in flex and pull tightening.

First Impressions

First impressions on this glove upon receiving them are that they look much better in the flesh than in pictures on the web. They are a true to size glove so stick with your regular size. The latex feels very soft, they weren’t powdery like on some gloves but I gave them my usual quick rinse through the machine, once they dried out a bit the grip was definitely there, a true high quality Giga on these.



I have used these around 20 times now, in a mix of training and games, they have been used in both wet and dry on outdoor astro and grass  and on dry indoor astro. Using these I felt very confident in them in any conditions the grip did fade slightly in the extreme wet which you would expect with a giga grip but not so much it would make me want to change out of them. After the first use the grip seemed to get better and better after each wash and use being at it’s optimum after about the 3rd / 4th wear which it has stayed at ever since. The 3mm foam gives brilliant feel on the ball and still offers enough in terms of shock absorption.


Durability has been good, they have tore up a bit but that is probably more down to my technique than anything else, there are more durable gloves out there but for that you sacrifice grip. I’ll choose grip any day lol.  They are very well made, not burst seams or stitches anywhere on the glove


Ratings (out of 10)


Looks = 7


Fit – 9


Build Quality -  9


Dry Grip – 8.5


Wet Grip – 7.5


Durability – 7


Overall  -  8





As a first offering from Samba it’s a very good glove, I would like to see them try do a bit more design wise as they do look a bit template, still a good looking glove but when you see some of the designs others are putting out you just feel these are in the could do better bracket. Performance wise I wouldn’t hesitate to use or recommend them, they have a premium grade latex that gives great grip. Price wise I know it will put a lot of people off compared to some brands but if they are in your price range you really must try them




Link to my photobucket album of the pictures of these ( I did have more but they seem to have been lost when I changed to my new phone)


http://s194.photobucket.com/user/superstar_tradesmanp100/library/samba Infiniti Rolls

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