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Now the thumb (injury)

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A couple of weeks ago we didn't have a game so trained and I made a bit of an unorthodox save,  with my head which bounced off and caught my thumb clearly at the wrong angle.

After a day or two it seemed fine but in my warm up last week I took a few shots and it caused it to hurt again. Again through the week it seemed to clear up of its own accord. Sundsy got through about 80 minutes no issues then one of their guys took a pot shot from distance, easy enough catch really but as soon as I caught it I felt my thumb go again.

I can tell it's just a sprain and nothing is broken, I've been icing it and using deep freeze but I think it needs a bit of compression. Trouble is the thumb is so awkward to wrap, any ideas what I can do to stabilise it a bit? It's right at the base of the thumb, I guess kind of what would class as the knuckle on a thumb if it had one where it hurts. Today it's actually quite sore and stiff.

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