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TJGoalkeeping Black and White NEGATIVE

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TJGOALKEEPING Traditional Negative Cut



Glove Make & Model: TJGOALKEEPING Black and White Negative.


Cut: Negative Cut, with mesh gussets in between fingers.




Internal Latex: No


Wrist Strap: Double Elastic Wrist Strap.


Wrist Entry: Neoprene


Glove Body: Mesh & Latex


Finger Protection: No.


Price: $60 AUD or £33 or  $43USD


Where From:  www.tjgoalkeeping.com.au BUT you currently have to order through their Instagram, Facebook or via email.



First Impressions

Being my third pair from TJGoalkeeping, I should've learnt by now that their gloves fit extremely small. I went with my usual size 10, instead of going a size up and I immediately regretted it. Thankfully that's one of the only negative opinions I have towards these gloves. The gloves are of a extremely simplistic design, with an all black back-hand with white accents and a white palm.  The latex is quite powdery straight out of the packet, and after two thorough pre-washes, they come alive. One aspect of the glove that I really enjoyed was the thickness of the double wrap elastic wrist strap, which is a lot wider than any other wrist strap that I've ever tried.



I initially bought these gloves for the convenience of two-day shipping in Australia, as I needed a pair for the final 4 games of the season. The gloves were worn for those 4 games, along with a few goalkeeping sessions during the offseason. The gloves are quite odd, with the latex not being the tackiest in hand, but they somehow have the tendency to stick to every ball, irrelevant of how wet or dry the latex is. Every use has been in dry conditions. Durability wise the latex at the tips of all the fingers have begun to rapidly deteriorate, due to the small size and all uses being on astroturf fields. The wrist strap has also begun to tear and fray. All in all the gloves hold up extremely well, and whilst they don't have any fancy features or technology, they're a traditional glove that just gets the job done. One change I'd love TJ to make is to add latex in between the fingers, instead of the mesh that is currently there, and to fix their sizing issues. Other than that they're onto a winner here. 


Ratings (out of 10)


Looks - 7.5


Fit  - 6 (Fit really small, go up one size)


Build Quality - 7


Dry Grip - 9 (Will remain the same until the latex is completely worn through)


Wet Grip - N/A due to the dry Australian weather.


Durability - 8


Overall - 7.5 




The gloves from TJGoalkeeping, are an extremely solid option for a training, or match glove for a Goalkeeper who is looking for a glove that just gets the job done well. Customer service is extremely good, and they will not hesitate to answer any questions or queries that you might have about the gloves. They will give you the same quality grip and confidence until the latex is completely worn through. I wouldn't hesitate in buying a pair from TJ, just remember to go a full size up to get the best fit!


Pictures - Coming soon.

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