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  2. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Found out the last night that Wyatt's Red card was dismissed. The league upon review, and taking into consideration that the game was abandoned, decided the foul was of an un-intentional intent and dismissed it. So he is cleared to play this weekend. Now only if the weather will cooperate so he can train......
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  4. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Less excitement this week at the game. Team travelled up to Missouri/Kansas to play Sporting Kansas City's MLS academy. Weather got really bad mornign of game day and lightening delayed the start almost an hour. They rushed to get the boys onto the field and despite academy rules didn't have a 3rd official so one of the SKC parents who had some reffing experience but a bad ankle took up the roll of near side linesman. Wyatt's team was also missing several players, there were the 3 who have quit, but then we had one out injured and another who is protesting the coach and didn't make the trip, so they only had 4 reserves on the bench. They moved the game at the last minute to turf which made it slick. Coach opts for a last minute formation change, after training all week with a 5 man back line, he switched to a 3-4-3 formation in the locker room before the boys come out on the field. So game gets started and the team is playing well, good ball movement, nice finding and taking space. Wyatt is somewhat busy since he is missing 2 players on the back, so he has to fill in a little more then usual. Things move along with him having a few back passes to deal with and scooping up a through ball. First save he really has to make is when the SKC captain (who was offsides, but not called by the SKC parent ref) gets a ball and comes in on Wyatt in a short run 1v1. Wyatt comes out gets big and goes down and makes the block then scrambles on the ground and recovers the loose rebound in the box. Few minutes later the mids who are paired up as 2 defensive and 2 holding mids misccomunicate and lose possession and have the ball come back into the 18 in the upper right corner. The SKC captain charges after it and Wyatt comes off his line making it a 50/50 ball. Wyatt opts to use his feet since he felt that with the ball right on the line if he slide with his hands he would go out of the box. Wyatt wins the ball, clearing it out to the side, but the SKC player runs into the back of Wyatt's top leg. Ref pull a straight red for dangerous play for Wyatt claiming it was a cleats up challenge and his cleats took out the SKC player who did the Naymar until he saw the card and then srpung up to get ready for the PK. both ARs and our coaches argues it wasn't a red, but a yellow. But the ref didn't want to hear it. Even the SKC team, coaches and parents were like no way was that a yellow. So Wyatt goes out about 10 minutes into the match. The main centerback moves into the keeper spot and makes a good effort for the PK, but misses to see them go down 0-1. The boys counter really fast and make it 1-1 after a beautiful series of passes and a nice short cross in the box net the equalizer. From there SKC starts to panic only 15 minutes into the game. about 2 or 3 minutes later the SKC captain manages to draw another questionable foul right at the top of the 18 and win a free kick to make it 1-2 for them. A few minutes later though the boys are back in it and building pressure looking for the second equalizer when the storms that have been passing around us get close and they stop the game for lightening again. About 45 minutes later they call the game, abandon the results and reschedule the whole game to be replayed in a couple weeks. Naturally this creates an interesting dilema. The league rules state that abandoned games that are rescheduled don't count and are not recorded. So in effect the game is treated as if it was never played. So the question comes up about what does that mean for Wyatt's read card, apparently something none of the staff or refs have ever dealt with. The ref punted it up the line to the league to rule on. The current thought is since it wasn't a behavior card and would only be one game it will get dismissed. But if he has to serve it, then he would miss the next game versuss one of the easier teams in the divisons, but then also leaves open the question would he have to sit out the rematch? So going to be a interesting week waiting for the ruling on this one. OUtside of the game, Wyatt had a busier week then the last few. Team got in 3 pratices. Monday they had off, but Tuesday the coach mixed them at the start with the U14 team to scrimmage with Wyatt being the only keeper for both teams. After that they worked a little as a team on the 5 man back line and moving the ball forward to attack from the back before he went to club keeper training. Wednesday was a combined practice and they scrimmaged the whole session. The U14 keepers were there, but the coach had them share a goal, so Wyatt was in the net most the time. Thursday was a regular practice with a few select U14s thrown in to help out with stuff. They worked on some 3 on 2 defending in the box shooting drills, then various set pieve work. Then ended with some scrimmaging. Wyatt got in two sessions with te club keeper coach. First one they were working on the short game and defending free kicks into the box. Second night it was all about corner kicks and double saves. For that drill they would have 2 keepers in the box, one behind the other. At the whistle, the front one would move one way or the other to make their first save, the second keeper had to react to that and go the opposite way to make their first save. Then they would have to get up and move to the opposite side to make a second save. Keeper coach had a lot of good words for Wyatt and commented to him that he seemed to be getting back to his old confident self and was happy with his catching percentages lately. Sunday Wyatt did his private keeper session which started with some basic catching and diving warmup. They moved into making various saves and moving into punts which they spent most the session on. Ended with some goalkick practice. Weather is looking sketchy this week so will be a mixed bag for practices. Team has a away game versus the Houston Texans saturday, which we will be waiting to see if Wyatt is able to play in. If not the club trainer already has plans to keep him busy over the weekend. Open practice/tryouts also start this week which will be intersting, since he is suppoed to be attending the 03 ones if he wants to play in the DA next year (combo U16/U17 age group).
  5. Bucks Returns

    One week down since the season ended and already I am bored... HELP!!!
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  7. Bucks Returns

  8. Bucks Returns

    Already ordered new boots for 2019/20.
  9. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Sort of a light week for Wyatt. Coach gave the boys Monday off after the double header weekend. Tuesday was Wyatt's only practice/training night due to a school play that was part of his grades. Practice that night started with some passing drills and give and go work since he was a little late due to play practice. They moved on to some defensive coordination drills againts the mids and strikers, then worked a little on compressing and opening up, plus playing with more attacking pressure. End with some various striking and finishing and scrimmage with various boyds takign turns in goal. Wednesday the weather drove them indoors but was too early for Wyatt to make the practice. I got to make part of it because of a mandatory parent meeting and they continued working on the short give and go game in the box drills. Thursday weather canceled practice. Team played two games this weekend. First game was the final season match-up versus Solar, which had been rescheduled to Friday which meant Wyatt missed it due to school. Coach brought up a keeper from the U15 ECNL team, tall kid who had been at tryouts with the team at the beginning of the season and showed lots of potential. He did a decent job without having to much to do. Boys started sort of scattered and he he bobbled a ball on a low save, almost putting it into the net, but after that things seemed to settle down and they crusied through to a 2-0 win. Game two was down in Houston versus the MLS academy of the Dynamo. This was the second meeting with them, first one Wyatt missed by the boys beat them 2-0, but found out they had brought up a weak roster since at the time we weren't playing that well. This time they needed the win to try and get a shot at the wildcard slot for the playoffs at the end of the season, so they brought their A squad. The team was running a little light due to injuries (centerback out with a broken nose) and 3 players who quit the team (forward, winger, gk), so coach was moving a few pieces around adn had a couple players in new spots to try and give us a stronger front line. Boys caem out pretty strong as did the Dynamo, so lots of back and forth. Wyatt got itnto the game early with a forward dive to colelct a low shot into the box through traffic. From there he was busy, but not frantic. HE worked a lot on communication with the defense and mids through which was good and helped them a lot keeping tabs on some runners and staying organized. The dynamo liked to cros into the box, so Wyatt's aerial game got a work out as well. He did some nice aerial defending collecting, pushing, and punching some crosses out. They went into the half tied 0-0, then scored early in the second to go up 1-0. Then Wyatt got hurt on a save. Went in to smother a ball in front of a forward and the kid fell on his shoulder. The physio looked him over and didn't see anything, so left it up to him to stay in or go out. He opted to stay in and played with it hurting some. Didn't slow him down thoug and him came up big a few tiems with the arm and hand on that side. Team started losing focus though and the game got ugly and was 1-2. First off a free kick from a bad ref call on a foul that started gettign the parents on both sides worked up. Wyatt set his wall but seemed a littel off on his dive to save it for the 1-1 goal. Second goal Wyatt made a save on the first one, went down to collect the follow up and the right back came in and cleared it despite him calling keeper for it. So the clearance was put right back in to make it 1-2. At that point their parents were taunting our parents and our parents were yelling at the refs about some bad calls. One dad on or side line took to badgering the linesman and really laid into him when his kid got fouled hard and injured right in front of the linesman and no call was made. At that point the linesman called over the center ref, and they ejected the father or atleast tried too. He argued and carried on a bit, delaying the game and burning time off the clock for the boys who were actually pressing hard and getting shots at the equlaizer. Finally he went off to the restrooms, but then came back. A mother on the other team saw him and got their whole said yelling at the ref to call the game because he was back and the Dynamo video operator got in on it as well. The ref had to stop the game again and when the dada refused to leave he whitsled it with about 5 minutes of play time left for them and the boys took a loss on a game they shouldn't have. After the game things got even more heated as their parents started taunting our parents. Next thing you know some of theirs are in our area trying to start fights with some of our parents and folks are really getting worked up. Parents on both sides also were trying to get their parents under control, but not before one of the parents on the other team decided to start threatening some folks with a pistol he decided he needed to bring to a youth soccer game. He took off pretty quick after someone pointed him out to the staff and called the cops. But still after folks started heading to their cars, a few of their parents drove past our boys yelling losers and 2-1 suckers. Pretty much the worse behavior we have personnally seen at a game. Will be interesting to see what US Soccer does about it, both agaisnt our parents who were acting out and theirs. The boys for their part were nothing but good sports after the game. The trainer double cheked on Wyatt and made sure he was still okay. Their players all gave him lots of kudos for takign the hit and staying in the game and making them work for the win. So some ray of sunshine in the crap storm at the end of the game. This week starts open tryout practices, so the practice schedule is going to be all sorts of messed up as Wyatt will have to attend the tryouts 3 nights a week for next years U17 team (there is no U16 DA team) as well as regular team practices on the alternate evenings. This weekend they play Sporting Kansas City, another MLS club academy away. Last time we tied them in a very energetic game, so expecting things to be pretty tough when we play them on their home turf.
  10. Bucks Returns

    Final game of the season today and we put in a good display / performance, much better than last week anyway against a strong SCR Reserves side who have just won the League Charity Cup and look set to be promoted again this season. First half was mainly them bombarding us particularly with long throws but we kept them out and although I didn't have any saves to make really I swept up well and we knocked the ball about well at the back. Only real incident was a long punt into our box, my CB Jay and I crowded out their forward, I got the ball away from him and as I went to gather the loose second ball, their striker tried to kick my legs out from under me. The ref didn't see it, and I pulled the player up on it and he gave me some flannel about he was looking up at the ball. There is a massive difference between a tangle of legs and someone deliberately kicking you. Second half we kept them at bay well for about the first 15-20 minutes, then disaster struck. A simple ball to our CM Gabi, who just had to play a simple pass, but no went for a wonder through ball and passed it straight to one of their players who picked out a pass to their top scorer, who cut in from our right, embarrassed our RB, dummied Jay, then rolled it low to my right as I stepped left. 0-1. The second goal wasn't long coming, against crappy play from us saw possession given up easily, Kieron the RB again beaten softly to a 50/50 and their tubby old forward raced into the box and drilled it low into the bottom corner. 0-2. I think I could have done better with this one, think I made his mind up for him a bit. We huffed and puffed but with no recognised striker in the team we struggled to test their keeper. Dare I say it if we did have a forward this might have been a different game. Trying to get back into it I started taking Free Kicks further and further up the pitch, even venturing into their half at one point, but again the flick ons came to nothing. Did make one smart one on one stop late on, basically what I should have done with the second goal. Then disaster, virtually the last kick of the game, Jay had the ball top left of our 18 yard box, I called him to lay it back as he had no options, instead of playing the ball to me he laid it virtually square, about 10 yards in front of me to their top scorer who ran in and knocked it past me as I tried to narrow the angle and 0-3 game over. We definitely gave a better account of ourselves this week against a better opponent too. I see positives for next season, but reliability has been a huge issue this season and it would be nice to get a consistent team out most weeks which would probably make things easier and performances better. Now for 6 weeks of rest before we start pre season, to be honest I am already dreading it and don't know what to do with myself on Sunday mornings now. Kit: All Blue Bayer 04 Leverkusen Kit. Boots: Adidas Copa Mundial's with Black & Tropical Blue laces. Gloves: Pope's Captor Pure.
  11. Glove addiction

    Not too sure why they have a different design. The previous ones had the same design on both models.
  12. Glove addiction

    Not seen them on proper British sites yet, but Keepersport.co.uk are taking pre orders on the new Silver Adidas gloves with the Hybrid cut in both the URG 1.0 and 2.0 forms if you are interested.
  13. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Im going to write this now whilst still fresh in my mind. Decided on these for a big game tonight in our 7aside league. Gave them a small rinse down after taking off the plastic film. Im impressed! firstly the wrist strap. After some slight adjusting felt really nice. To my surprise I didn't adjust it once during a pretty busy game. Normally i'm the type of keeper who is always fiddling with the wrist but I didn't with these. They were not mega tight but felt snug and secure. The cut was a pleasure to use! As bucks said above, the internal silicone is really really nice and did a great job keeping the glove tight and secure to my hand. Made some really decent catches from crosses and throws with no spillage or needing to readjust my hands. The extension cut come into play with a smart dive about mid height to my right, got some strong fingers to it and genuinely felt as if the rigid structure & extra length on the tips helped push the ball far around the post. I still think the gloves could do with some work. Firstly i'd make the wrist strap a more stretchy material which would result in less bunching and a tighter fit. Id also look at maybe making the velcro tab larger as it's currently quite small and after a few uses it may struggle to stick. Overall i'm really happy. Washed them straight after so will be interested to see if they stretch out and become too baggy after a few more uses.
  14. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    second game for teh weekend. U15 Game 13 vs Houston Dynamo Youth
  15. Pope's Captor Pure

    I don't know the exact ins and outs as I haven't seen what happened etc but I was told there was a disagreement between a GT competition winner and Christoph the Company owner and he may have said something inappropriate (racist).
  16. Pope's Captor Pure

    Why are they frowned upon?
  17. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Film came out fast for the games this weekend. U15 Game 12 vs Solar Soccer Club
  18. Pope's Captor Pure

    Well I've just bought 3 more pairs for next season and I still have one unused pair, the pair I have worn a few times and the first pair I got that are a bit on the Small side. So yes I'd definitely recommend the gloves. I know the company are frowned upon on GT but the product is very decent.
  19. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Nice! Glad the wrist strap was ok, that was my major concern. I may give them a little run out tonight ad see how I get on.
  20. Pope's Captor Pure

    Would you say these are worth a punt then? I'm a little wary paying that much for a small brand. Maybe next time they have a sale I'll dip my toe.
  21. Pope's Captor Pure

    I stopped using them as I was using them in a warm up and I literally dropped every shot and cross, this was just after the latex turned pink and I started using Adidas at the time. I then wore them in a Surrey Cup game and had a bit of a mare and never wore them after that until yesterday. Grip was fine so I must have just had an off day when I used them in that warm up. Not only is the grip solid but the durability is remarkable too.
  22. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Wore mine in one session and overall I like them and think they are well put together. Latex is excellent. I found the wrist after little adjusting but once I got it right it was nice and supportive.
  23. Pope's Captor Pure

    Agreed Bucks, excellent gloves and if looked after the latex holds up excellent. Just a nice solid grip.
  24. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Another confusing week of soccer thanks to the weather, but it did clear up so the team was able to get in both games on the schedule. Practice wise they were at their usual fields at the club Monday. Coach had them overlap for 30 minutes with his younger team for scrimmaging at the beginning of practice. Really odd thing was Wyatt was the only keeper there in the nets. One of the younger ones is recovering from a broken growth plate his finger, so is training with the field the players. The other 05 keeper and the second keeper from Wyatt's team were both missing, so he got a lot of time in the goals. After scrimmage his team focused on give and go striking and finishing drills, then some various passing and movement drills, before wrapping up with building out of the back drills and scrimmage play. Tuesday night the weather canceled practice and forced them indoors Wednesday night. Once again the other keeper was missing so Wyatt got to spend a lot of practice working on field skills as the they ran through layoff drills, short fast passing in the box, and working on making and taking space as much as possible in the 5v5 court. Practice ended with the usual scrimmage with a few of the field players taking turns in the opposing goal. After practice the coach told the team that the other keeper had left the team, so Wyatt would be the only keeper for the rest of the season. Thursday they were outdoors at the local community college and started off with some basic skills work and passing, then some striking in finishing with defensive prssure, all with some conditioning and strength work thrown in. Saturday they played their 2nd of 3 games versus Solar the other in town indeendent club. First meeting was the beginning of the season and was a shakey start with the team going down 0-3, before coming back to win it 6-3. This time Solar was down 2 key defenders, and only had 2 reserves for the field, so they played a more conservative game. Wyatt had a pretty busy game, making 3 saves, doing a lot of sweeping, and general backpassing and distributions. He focused alot on his timing and did much better with his placements, but still had issues with the team not moving towards the ball all the time to collect. He also did a lot of time management to slow the pace of the game and try and break up Solar's rythem when they would get rolling on counter attacks and possession. Game ended with Wyatt getting the shutout in a 3-0 win. Today was the second game versus the Dynamo Youth up from Houston. Coach started a 4-2-4 that featured a lot of the reserves trying to give the starters some rest after playing in the 80% humify in 90 degrees on turf the day before. For Wyatt this game was very similar, but he had to work a wee bit harder as they put more stuff on frame benefiting from turnoevers in the mids due to the weakened midfield. He had to punch one ball out, made a few diving saves, and general collecting of loose balls in the first half to 0-0. Second half the coach started subbing in the starters and things picked up for the offense and Wyatt didn't have any saves to make, but was busy with back passing and goalkicks. He went long with a few that were well placed, but still had some issues with players not stepping in to receive balls and loosing possession. Team got rolling thought and ended the game up 2-0 for another shut out. This coming week Wyatt has a heavy school load and the weather looks rough, so he most likely will be missing practices and the rematch versus Solar on Friday due to a school project. Hopefully the coach doesn't get sore about it so he will get to travel with the team to Houston to play the Houston MLS Dynamo academy team on Sunday. That should be a good game. We beat them earlier in the season 2-0, so they will be looking to get a little back and they are usually alot tougher at home.
  25. Glove addiction

    I thought they were as they made the Team Mode pack in the Hybrid and then the Initiator pack, but the last two they haven't made the hybrid in weirdly. Next time they release them I will give them another try. The pair I had fit nice but the latex on the 2018 Predators was absolutely dreadful, the URG is so much better.
  26. Glove addiction

    I really wish adidas would release more of this new cut. Pretty much 100% of their pros now use it (De gea and Neuer the exception) In terms of being addicted to glove, I would say I buy maybe 5 pairs a season or so. I play mainly 7 aside now so the gloves get beaten up a little more than normal. Currently i'm using the HO supremo Negative and Reusch world keeper with the G2 latex. Recently in the post i received a pair the F-line fusion (strange looking glove but feels nice) F-Line Euro promo (Black and white like Peter Schmeichels old reusch) and the new KA Extension glove.
  27. Glove addiction

    Not the best picture I admit, but Kevin Trapp today was wearing the next Adidas colourway to go with a bunch of Silver boots they are bringing out in June. August's release which I will also be keeping an eye out for sees the Predator Boots in a pale blue and black colourway so I imagine the Predator gloves will also see that colour too.
  28. Pope's Captor Pure

    Because you bumped this thread I used these again today. Still very decent gloves, first time I have worn them in almost 6 months too. 18th November to be precise.
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